Gift a care package while supporting BIPOC-owned small businesses

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Untold brings a new approach to gift giving

Our North Star is to promote entrepreneurs of color and their brands and build a socially and environmentally
inclusive economy. We work with small businesses across the country to source artisanal and earth-friendly
products to create magical gifting experiences.

Experience the gift of the five love languages with products from five female-founded, BIPOC-owned small...
A self care ritual to help you reset and renew your mind, body, and soul. Mist Aiden & Coco’s...
An act of service for yourself: A tea tasting experience that gives you a moment...
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When I opened my Love Language Care Package, I immediately smelled the amazing candle from Mala the Brand and the natural loofah soap from Honey Belle. Not to mention the wildflower seed paper included in the box— love the repurposing idea and the push for sustainability. The entire package exceeded my expectations and more.

Kathleen H.

Love the care packages! I really appreciate that everything is made with sustainability as a priority, especially the wildflower plant filter. Also, I love that untold focuses on telling the stories behind the small businesses.

Marissa K.

Reading the small business owners' stories, in their own words, has been the best part of untold's care packages. I know that my money is directly supporting passionate people who are creating top-of-the-line products. I've already been using all the products and they've been implemented into my morning rituals.

Carol S.